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How To Create A Sketching Practice

Creative activities are known to improve our daily well being by reducing stress and anxiety.

Being creative is a great way to let go of things that is troubling your mind. It helps to understand yourself better and cultivate positive thinking.

Sketching or drawing is a simple creative activity that can help us to reduce stress and anxiety , thus being able to relax. When sketching, we give our brains work to do.

The process of sketching makes us to think creatively as well as logically, hence improving our strategic thinking and problem solving skills.

It in turn helps us to be mindful, discover more about ourselves and stay wired to the world around us.

You do not need to know how to sketch or have any previous experiences of sketching. It is simply be a way of expression without rules or boundaries.

The process of sketching helps to translate what is in your mind on to paper. It is a way of communication and expression that does not need anymore explanation or justification.

Sketching boosts your confidence when it becomes a daily practice.

How to kickstart a sketching practice.

Sketching is a very simple activity.

All you need is 10 minutes of your day. to slow down and observe life and space around you. It doesn’t have to be the exact time everyday. You can sketch anywhere and anytime.

All you need is a small sketchbook and a pen that you can carry with you. Whether you are outside or at home doing chores, you can do a quick scribble without affecting your daily routine.

What to sketch?

Start off with simple doodles, lines, shapes and patterns. It doesn’t need much thinking. You might be doing it already, while talking to someone on the phone, sitting in a meeting or while colouring/ crafting with your children.

Let’s take it one step further!

Why not try sketching something you see right it front of you? It could be anything from a coin to a whole cafe scene! Don’t worry about the final result. Concentrate on the process of mark making. As you go along, you will learn how to observe and sketch. sketches improve and make sense over time. If consistent in your practice, it will help you develop a unique style.

Can drawing classes help?

Although you do not need to learn any techniques to practice sketching, it is beneficial to learn some basic techniques. If you really enjoy the process of sketching and would like to know more techniques, joining in classes and workshops will teach you a great deal.

Workshops and classes are available as an inspiration and guidance. By sketching and painting through a step by step process, you will learn the basic techniques or little tricks to improve your practice. However, I believe that you will learn a great deal if you continue to use the techniques learnt and be consistent with practice. That is where most of the learning happens!

Share your joy of sketching with others!

You do not need to feel that you are alone. Sharing your creativity with like minded people or being a part of a group will help you enjoy sketching a lot more! Whether online or in-person, find a group of people who enjoy sketching like you. You can get together to sketch or share your creativity.

If you like to share your journey with me, please feel free to get in touch via email; or tag me along when you share online. I love looking at artworks and reading your experiences!

If you’re sharing on facebook or instagram, use hashtag #createwithsuzanneabraham or tag me @suzanneabrahamart

Looking for inspiration?

Check out my new Youtube video on how I sketch paint tubes in expressive line and wash.

When I am not sure what to sketch, I first look around me to find inspiration. Sometimes, they may just be my art materials.

Why I love sketching

I have personally experienced the effect of sketching on a daily basis.

Few years back, I started sketching as a new mum, after taking a long break from any creative activity. It was really hard for me to begin. Having come from a fine arts background, I disregarded simple sketching and went straight in to painting on large canvases. Soon, I realised that I wasn’t able to keep doing it everyday as painting large-scale required a lot of preparation (and tidying up afterwards!). It was almost impossible with little kids. However, I was adamant to spend at least 10 minutes everyday creating something. That is when I started using sketchbooks to scribble everyday. My sketchbooks lived on the kitchen countertop or on the stairs so I could grab it whenever I found time. Eventually, sketching became my way of making sense to my busy life. They were inspired by the picture books I read to my children everyday.

Here's a glimpse of my first sketchbook!

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